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writing guide
Roads to education 77
 Write your for and against essay. Use the
paragraph plan to help you.
 Check the following points.
Are your ideas divided into paragraphs?
Have you used contrast linkers correctly?
Have you checked spelling, grammar and
Read the task and check you understand it.
What are the arguments for and against more break
times at school?
 Write down your ideas in a mind map. Decide
which arguments you support. Decide on the order
of your arguments. Which are the most important?
 Decide which ideas you are going to use and
match them to these paragraphs.
Paragraph 1:
Introduce the topic and your opinion.
What are you going to write about?
Paragraph 2:
Arguments you do not support.
Paragraph 3:
Arguments you support.
Paragraph 4:
Summarize the arguments you support.
What are the arguments for and
against police officers in schools?
People feel very strongly about police officers
in schools. A school is usually a safe place to
, in some schools
in America, this is no longer the case.
, people argue that
teachers and students need more protection.
There has been more crime in schools recently
and teachers, as well as students, have been
hurt. In addition,
try to control disruptive students, sometimes it
is impossible to teach a class. In these types
of schools the police can protect people and
punish students who stop the teachers from
doing their job.
, police have a zero
tolerance policy. This means that they can
arrest and fine students for even small
offences. Students can feel anxious in this
type of environment. The police are there to
protect them.
, they
are actually threatening them.
To sum up,
they might
make a difference in schools with violent
pupils, I think having police officers in schools
is not a good idea. Most schools are safe
places to study, and most students do not
commit crimes, they just misbehave. The
problem is that police officers can’t always tell
the difference.
What are the arguments for and
against school uniforms?
There have always been a lot of arguments about
school uniforms. In Britain, 65% of students don’t
like them. However, I think that school uniforms
are a necessary part of school life.
On the one hand, some people argue that school
uniforms are boring. Everyone looks the same
in a uniform, and you can’t express yourself, but
your clothes are only one way of saying who you
are. Other people complain that school uniforms
are expensive. Some parents can’t afford
uniforms, so their children do not go to school.
This is a bad thing.
On the other hand, school uniforms can save
parents money because they are cheaper than
fashionable clothes. In addition, the idea behind
school uniforms is to make everyone look the
same, so you can’t tell the difference between
rich and poor. Although children might still get
bullied for other reasons, they won’t get bullied
for their clothes. School uniforms make you feel
part of something bigger, too. They show that
students are proud to belong to their school.
In conclusion, I think that school uniforms are a
good idea, although they are expensive for some
people. It is important for students to feel part of a
community, to work together and help each other
to learn. School uniforms represent this unity.